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Kris Hallbom is an internationally recognized NLP trainer, author and professional coach. She is the co-founder of the NLP Coaching Institute, and has been actively involved in the field of NLP for over 30 years. She is also the co-creator of the WealthyMind™ Program, which has been taught to live audiences in over 20 countries and has helped thousands of people create more of what they want in their lives.

Recognized for her ability to translate complex ideas into practical skills, and for her warm, approachable style, Kris has trained and coached clients throughout the world. She is the co-author of the books, Powerful Questions and Techniques for Coaches and Therapists, Innovations in NLP, and Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. She has also produced numerous articles and videos on positive psychology, wealth consciousness and systems thinking.

Kris began studying Neuro-linguistic programming in 1987 while obtaining her degree in Psychology, and went on to become a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of NLP. She became a Professional Coach in 1996, and has done over five thousand of hours of professional coaching with her clients and students. She has an international array of clients, and does most of her coaching on the telephone and through Zoom. In her spare time she enjoys taking her dog on long walks, spending time with friends and family, watching beautiful sunsets; and contemplating the deeper mysteries of life, the universe and everything.

Other accomplishments include the following:

My Mission

My mission is to motivate and inspire people to become the best version of themselves, and to help make their dreams and goals come true.

My Vision

My vision is to make a positive difference in the world, to bring out the best in those around me and to put a smile in the hearts and souls of everyone I talk to. 

What I Love

I love helping people identify and remove the limiting beliefs and unconscious barriers holding them back in their life. It brings me great joy to see all the positive shifts that occur when someone can finally let go of their negative thought patterns and step into becoming the best version of themselves!


Nickolai Joergeson

Having seen and experienced many coaches over the years I can say without a doubt that Kris Hallbom is truly in a league of her own. Her conscious presence creates the foundation for a truly transformative and trusting space where you are guided to discover and arrive at the right destination for your life. The experiences are so powerful that I've seen lasting behavioral change and real results that has propelled me towards the life I want. Her talent is a true gift to be cherished which never stops to amaze me - and is literally priceless.

Nickolai Joergensen

Digital Business Value Creation Executive, ABB Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Lindsay Briner

Kris is hands down one of the world’s leading coaches and trainers. Her ability to uncover core issues for immediate transformation and growth is uncanny. Not only is she a masterful teacher and coach, she also has the heart and kindness of genuine care for her clients. My experience with her as a mentor and coach has had a priceless impact on my personal and professional life. I am incredibly grateful for her.

Lindsay Briner

Executive Coach and Consultant
Marie Kvorning Veng

Kris is by far the most impactful coach I have ever worked with - going into a session I always know that I’ll be working on not necessarily pleasant things that are holding me back but she’ll manage the experience in the most pleasant and comforting way and leaving me with a changed life experience in the days, weeks and months that follow The work I’ve done with Kris over a 3 week period would most likely take 5-10+ years with other coaches. On top of that she hold a lot of wisdom and has an amazing humor that I enjoy getting to know more and more. Everytime I find out something is not serving me anymore I book a session with Kris… and I always recommend Kris to people in my network if they’re looking for immediate lasting results while having a positive experience on the journey. She’s been a key contributor to helping me enjoy life to the fullest and I will be forever grateful!

Marie Kvorning Veng

Management Consulting Senior Principal, Accenture Llp
Anita Alleyne

Kris is a superior coach and trainer. When I started working with Kris, she helped me organize, prioritize and value "me", in such a way that totally changed the landscape of my life and career. She is my #1 choice for personal and professional development. As a result of the work we did, I am soaring in the direction I want to be!

Anita Alleyne

Real Estate Agent at Redfin.com
Robert Dilts

Kris is an excellent coach and trainer, a wonderful human being and a long-time friend. In addition to creating her own highly successful programs, she is a valued member of our NLP University Faculty and a key contributor to the worldwide NLP Coaching initiative. 

Robert Dilts

NLP Developer, Author and Founder of NLP University International
Reha Zamani Standing

Kris is a dynamic and brilliant coach and trainer. I worked with her in various capacities both as a student and client while going through her training courses. Kris has an impeccable ability to build rapport and listen to others and is very compassionate with her clients! I learned a lot from her and also grew tremendously in my career through the coaching sessions she did with me. I would highly recommend her as a coach and trainer.

Reha Zamani

Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Headquarters in San Francisco, CA
Taru Fisher

I’ve done a lot of private coaching sessions with Kris, and it has completely transformed my life! Kris is one of the kindest, most loving, and generous people I have ever known. Her skills with NLP are well-known and she uses them in deep service to her clients. Her creativity in co-creating both The WealthyMind™ Program and Dynamic Spin Release™ training is stunning. These programs have changed literally thousands of lives – mine being one of them. I am so grateful I found her.

Taru Fisher

NLP Health Practitioner and NLP Coach

Kris Hallbom is one of the great NLP developers, as well as a talented coach and trainer. She is a person of rock-solid character, long experience, significant contributions to the field, and compassionate insight, who combines creativity with courage, knowledge and authenticity. I recommend Kris personally, and any trainings or coaching she conducts, without hesitation.

John David Hoag

Executive Communication Trainer and Coach
Pamela Course

I have worked with Kris as my Life Coach over about an 18-month period. We worked over the phone as we are on opposite sides of the world. I could have looked for a coach in Australia, but Kris came highly recommended and I wanted someone at the top of their game and that’s Kris. She was fantastic to work with and I have had so many positive outcomes as a result of our work together on so many levels. Kris has helped me release many limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Deciding to working with Kris was one of the best decisions I have ever made, because it has truly changed my life. I would highly recommend Kris to anyone who is looking for a coach or NLP trainer.

Pamela Course

Hypnotherapist at Inspired for Success Hypnotherapy, Melbourne, Australia
Don DeMaderious

Kris presents with a professional, caring and ethical approach to her coaching abilities. She is able to identify issues that are below the surface and bring them forth for resolve in such a way that as a client, I am stronger, healthier and in a more balanced state of being. I benefit greatly from the healing environment that she creates, whether in person or by phone. I highly recommend Kris, as she has helped me in so many ways to become more of who I intend to become. She has helped me personally and professionally and continues to do so. Thank you Kris!

Don DeMaderios

M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist

What I believe

I believe that change can happen quickly and easily, and you have all the inner resources to manifest amazing abundance throughout your life. It starts with cultivating the single greatest factor in your success: Your own mind.

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