Dynamic Spin Release™ Online Learning Program

Learn how to release your negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, 

physical pain and unconscious conflicts in less than 10 minutes!


Dynamic Spin Release™ (DSR) is a powerful set of processes for helping people release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, physical pain and unconscious conflicts. Originally developed by Kris and Tim Hallbom, this new and exciting methodology can be used in a number of ways to quickly help you get the results that you want for yourself and others. 

Just as the earth rotates around the sun, and the moon circles around the earth, your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have a certain spin quality to them, as well. Dynamic Spin Release™ powerfully blends the universal archetype of Spin with the fields of NLP, hypnosis and the psychology of metaphors–– and involves several techniques that can be applied to almost any problem state or negative thought pattern.

This video was filmed live at a workshop in San Francisco with Tim and Kris Hallbom, who are are internationally recognized experts in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This fast moving online video program is packed with a variety of practical and easy to use techniques that you can use with anyone, including yourself. These intuitive processes are easy to do, and can be learned quickly. They’re also practical and effective, and work well with children.

Here is your opportunity to get a basic introduction to the Dynamic Spin Release™ process, as well as learning how to use it for integrating unconscious conflicts. You’ll also have an opportunity to watch and observe Tim and Kris Hallbom doing a double hypnotic induction, as they’re demonstrating the DSR process.

By watching this program, you will learn how to: 


  • Positively transform negative thought patterns, physical pain, and feelings through the power of spin 
  • Integrate unconscious conflicts in a new and powerful way 
  • Apply the 8 principles of DSR in all the coaching work and healing work that you do with yourself and others 
  • Quickly detect the non-verbal and linguistical nature of spin, in yourself and others 
  • Powerfully sort through all the operational metaphors and the submodality distinctions of each spin 
  • Use hypnotic language patterns of influence to increase the effectiveness of the DSR work that you do with others 
  • Use the spin concept to enhance any other change techniques that you are employing

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