10-day Professional ICF Coach Training

10-day Professional ICF Coach Training

This training is approved for 60 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units through the International Coach Federation (ICF).


The NLP Coach Certification training is a comprehensive coach certification program for individuals who want to assist other people in achieving their goals, transforming their lives, and becoming the best they can be in any given situation. This program is also for those who want to pursue a career as a professional life coach or business coach.


The mission of this 10-day program is to provide you with the finest and most practical coaching skills available today.

This training offers you a variety of coaching tools that will tremendously enhance your ability to assist and mentor others to becoming their best selves. You will also learn how to help clients gain clarity in their lives and give them a deeper understanding of the unconscious patterns holding them back in life. In addition, you will learn how to help them access the inner resources they need to move beyond their blocks, while propelling them to their next level of success. These skills are highly sought after and are definitely rewarding.


Another benefit of this program it that it combines traditional coaching practices with the “magical” effectiveness of NLP. It includes the latest innovations in the fields of coaching and transformation that take you way beyond the procedural methods offered in most coaching trainings. You will gain the necessary skills to build a professional and life coaching practice, as well as enhancing your current practice.


This is your opportunity to become an extraordinary coach, who can help others powerfully transform their lives and go to their next level of success!


Why You Should Attend


• You are interested in starting a Life Coaching, Business Coaching or Executive Coaching career

• You would like to add coaching to an existing career

• You have been coaching for a while and would like to get become a Certified Professional NLP Coach.

• You want to learn how to integrate the powerful combination of NLP Coaching techniques with all of your other life experiences and learnings.

• You are ready to have an intense life changing experience


What You Will Learn

• A complete model for the coaching process: You will get the big picture for how to be truly successful as a coach, including:


– Conducting the coach session from beginning to end- You will learn everything you need to know to be confident and successful as a coach!

Holding the vision with the client and maintaining the coach relationship through time. Establishing and maintaining a successful “money making” coach practice

Promoting and marketing your practice, and enrolling clients who you work
with on an ongoing basis.


• Life coaching and business coaching approaches: During this program, you will learn a straightforward strategy for coaching clients in different business contexts and life situations– which will give you to confidence you need to be successful as a coach.


• Quickly build rapport and create a high trust relationship with your clients: The coach–client relationship is a special one. Research shows that the single most important factor for client success is the quality of the relationship with their coach. You will learn several practical strategies for building and maintaining a highly effective coach/client relationship that last through time.


• Contracting as a coaching method: Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client. As a coach, the first thing you will do with your client is to create a designed alliance and contract for how you will work together over time. Learning how to create the ideal coaching contract will ensure that your client’s show up on time; they are consciously committed to doing the work; they always pay you; and they understand the true nature of the coach/client relationship.


• Belief change processes in coaching: During this program, you will learn powerful ways to help your clients change the limiting beliefs that govern their behaviors. You will also learn how to identify and change the unconscious stories and life themes that can prevent your clients from living the lives they really want.


• Deal effectively with internal and external conflicts in your coaching clients: Learn how to quickly identify and change unconscious conflicts in your clients– so that they can be more congruent and joyfully aligned in every area of their life!


• Mindfulness and living life more consciously: A theme of this training is to help your clients navigate life in a more conscious mindful way. You will learn several techniques and strategies to assist your client’s in becoming more self aware and conscious of their daily thoughts, behaviors and actions– and their ability to consciously create exactly what they want in life.


• Learn the fine art of transformative coaching: Help your clients make powerful identity level changes, while breaking through to their next level of success! You will how to create deep core changes in the people you work with through the magic of transformative coaching.


• Coach as a mentor: Learn how to create the space for your clients to evolve and prosper by being a great mentor! You will discover that sometimes, what your clients really needs is for you to be more of a mentor than a coach. Learn the difference between being a coach and a mentor, and when it might me more appropriate to put on your “mentor” hat with your clients.


• Assist your clients in making solid decisions that serve their highest good: Learn how to elicit your client’s criteria for what is important to them, and make ecological decisions that are aligned with their heart’s greatest desire.


• Discover new ways for helping your clients stay motivated during difficult times: Learn specific strategies to help clients move toward their goals even when the going gets tough.


• How to make the best use of your NLP skills: You will learn how to magically use the NLP techniques you have already mastered, into the coaching work that you do.


• Experience deep and powerful changes in yourself: You will have the opportunity to transform yourself in ways that you never dreamed of throughout this life-changing program!


• Gain the confidence to charge a lot of money for your coaching services: Many new coaches are uncertain as to what to charge for their services. Or they feel like they don’t have the necessary skills or experience to be working with people– and feel uncomfortable with charging people. By the end of this program, you will be confident in your abilities to assist others in making deep core changes, while getting paid well for doing what you love to do!


• Build a successful practice using Skype, telecoaching, and in-person coaching: Learn proven methods for marketing and promoting your practice.


But wait there is more!


You will also learn a variety of coach specific tools and skills that will help you be super successful as a coach, including:


Accountability and commitment – Acknowledgement – Asking Permission – Bottom Lining – Challenging – Championing – Chunking – Clarifying – Clearing – Contracting – Forward the Action – Goal Setting and Planning – Holding the Client’s Agenda – Inquiry – Intent setting – Intruding – Going Meta – Motivation strategies – Requesting – Sponsoring and Holding the Space for the Client – Powerful Listening – Trust and Relationship Building – Values and Criteria Clarification – Providing clients with structure and support – Delivering meaningful feedback and encouragement – and the overall spirit of coaching!


Why This Coach Certification Training Program?


Coaching is a multi-billion-dollar industry in countries all over the world. The coaching industry has seen tremendous growth. Coaches are hired by Fortune 1000 companies, in schools, in all departments of government, health clubs, non-profits and more to achieve success. More and more people are choosing to become certified professional coaches or choosing to learn coaching skills to use in their everyday lives and careers.


There are many kinds of coaching such as: business coaching, performance coaching and life coaching. Most coaches focus on helping their clients achieve a specific goal; develop a strategy for being more effective at work or at home; and becoming more successful in a certain area life area such as career, relationships or health. This all sounds good, right?


There is another level of coaching that most coaches never get to. This level of coaching goes much deeper. We call it transformative coaching.


What is Transformative Coaching?


In addition to learning how to be a Professional NLP Coach, you will also learn how to use transformative coaching skills in the work that you with your clients. Part of being a transformative coach includes helping your clients become more of who they want to be in a real and profound way.


Transformative coaching also includes helping people:


– Change limiting beliefs and life themes that can cause unhappiness

– Become a more forgiving as a person

– Have richer relationships

– Move through any situation with more confidence and joy

– Be fully aligned with their higher purpose in life

– Have an inspirational vision of their future, and know exactly what they need to do to make their dreams come true!!


Participating in the 10-day Coach Certification training will give you specific methods, processes and strategies for working at the level of significant of change transformation. What’s more, you’ll find yourself transforming at lightening speed to be the person you truly want to be!


Life Coach Certification Training Instructional Methods


• Brief Lecture


• Live demonstration


• Discussion


• Small group processes


• Coaching practice in between sessions with students paired up from the class


• Simulations and Role Plays


• Brief Lectures


• Training Assistants, who oversee small group, model how to be a learner in the program, give individual feedback, supervise small group exercises, etc.


• Coaching practice with another participant during the program in–between sessions.


Your training fee also includes a comprehensive learning manual that includes a multitude of NLP Coaching concepts, techniques and processes.


Who Should Attend?


This program is for you if you want to:


• Become a professional life coach, business coach, executive coach, or transformative coach.


• Grow your existing coaching practice


• Improve your coaching skills as a manager, corporate executive, therapist,

trainer, teacher or parent

• Simplify and streamline the business side of your practice


• Learn how to effectively market yourself


• Create more of the life you want, living more consciously, mindfully, and joyfully!


What People Say About the Professional NLP Coach Program


“With the balance of NLP and Coaching in this program, you will leave knowing you have the finest coach training available today, period. When you are with other coaches, it shows. I can’t imagine having trained anywhere else, or with anyone else.” —Erol Fox, Inherent Excellence, Santa Monica, California


“This is a course that will expedite your own personal growth as well as give you a comprehensive set of tools to empower people to create the life they want to live.” —Judith Nelson, M.A., Teacher/Life Coach, Fresno, California


“What makes this training both unique and impactful, is that it is taught by world-class instructors who are passionate about their work and live what they teach. Combining the powerful technology of NLP with the practical, outcome-oriented process of coaching has allowed me to provide a much greater range of service to my clients.” —Victor Rozek, Rozek & Daggett, Coaching and Consulting, Springfield, Oregon

“Before I started the Coaching Program, I didn’t quite understand how to integrate my nutrition practice with NLP coaching. The program taught me how to be an effective listener, compassionate communicator, and how to motivate people to reach their health goals. Now as a Certified NLP Coach and Nutritionist, I am able to effectively support my clients in ways I never thought I could before. I would recommend the NLP Coaching program to anyone who wants to truly create great change in themselves as well as their clients.” – Mandisa Fabris, Pacifica, California


“Since taking the NLP Coaching program, I have found invaluable tools in helping my clients achieve their goals and positively move their life forward. Coaching offers clarity, insight, and outlining a plan of action. NLP offers the tools to train your brain for motivation and addresses the subconscious reasons for not following through. The combination of these tools empowers clients to breakthrough old obstacles, stay motivated, and achieve their desires. I am now using these tools to reach out to more people with the development of 6-week courses, a CD set and forthcoming book, Train your Brain to Slim your Body for Lasting Weight Loss Success.” – Holly Stokes, Washugal, Washington


“Taking the Coaching Training was beyond being very informative and enlightening, it was deeply moving. It has broadened my skills and capacities to help other people to grow, to discover new possibilities, to awaken their creativity, and to achieve a richer and more rewarding life. Now I am ready to face the challenges to get into my new career path. Thank you, Tim and Kris, for such a great training!!!” —Jaime Rodriguez, Director, NLP Institute of Peru


“The Coach Training offered by Tim and Kris Hallbom was brilliant! The training model was a very thorough and effective and one with much opportunity for the observation of demonstrations, questions, and lots of practice. Initially the question was: Is this program worth my having to travel from Trinidad to California several times over the course of six months? In the end, the answer is a resounding yes it was and more. I look forward to working again with Tim & Kris Hallbom, they were great. It was a lot of fun!!” —Brian Cameron, Cameron and Associates, Trinidad, West Indies