10-day Hypnosis Training

10-day Hypnosis

The NLP Hypnosis program is for anyone who want to harness the healing powers of their mind and who wants to help others as well.


This internationally acclaimed program has two important themes:


  • The first is to teach you how to use hypnosis to create powerful and lasting change with yourself and others by working directly with the unconscious mind.
  • The second is to teach you the amazing language patterns of influence modeled through NLP that can make you a more conscious and better communicator in every aspect of your life.

Through the years, we have had consistent feedback that this training is truly exciting and empowering, and in completing it, people have developed a genuine competency in these areas.

Participating in this NLP Hypnosis program will increase your range of choice and understanding about how to reach your own unlimited potential and help others achieve theirs. The eclectic methods and skills you’ll gain represent the best from Milton Erickson, the famous work of Dave Elman, and the powerful hypnotic skills of NLP and Human Patterning.

In this program, you will learn the big picture of hypnosis and how it works. You will find out how to analyze a situation to recognize each element in a hypnotic technique so you have a thorough grounding in why it will work. You will gain insight into when a particular approach or technique will be effective. You will have the skills to create deep unconscious rapport with others and guide them, confidently, to a successful outcome. You will learn to work with hypnosis respectfully, in ways that are best for yourself, the other and the systems in which you are involved.

You will be able to break any problem down into its component parts and discover the patterns that exist so you will know just what to do to make an appropriate change or communicate effectively. You will be able to create rapport at all levels to help you interact effectively and truly make contact with another person.

You will discover the impact of each word you utter, the pauses in your speech and of your subtle (and largely out of awareness) body language. Each word you speak creates an internal experience in you and in anyone with whom you interact. In this NLP Hypnosis program, you will learn step-by-step methods for creating lasting change and for developing them in your own style.

Finally, you will learn how everything is in relation to everything else as a system. You will learn the underlying principles that will give you the greatest potential for success with yourself and others. The tools, skills and patterns you will make yours in this program will be useful in official trance work with others, in self hypnosis and in your daily communications. You will get to tap into the many forms of wisdom and healing capabilities of the subconscious mind.  In addition, the trainings are fun and lively!

40 Reasons to Attend – During this exciting program you will:


  • Learn exactly what hypnosis is and how to use it
  • Have a clear overview of the hypnotic process, from beginning to end
  • Learn 7 powerful inductions to help people access a deep trance in just a few minutes (you will also learn how to develop your own)
  • By the end of the first day, be able to achieve a profound trance state with almost anyone, and will master one of the most proven methods for inducing a deep state of hypnosis.
  • Know how to prevent or eliminate resistance to change in the trance state
  • Learn how to become more credible and congruently believable
  • Discover and use the permissive language patterns that Milton Erickson used to help produce major changes.
  • Understand and use Milton Erickson’s 8 part model for a powerful hypnotic session that he followed virtually every time he worked with people
  • Learn the art of suggestion, and how to help people get the most from a hypnotic session
    Learn how to utilize pseudo orientation in time, including timeline work for deep results with yourself or others
  • You will learn a number of ways to use self-hypnosis to overcome problems and be more in control of your life.
  • Be able to use 10 methods for self hypnosis that can help you truly take charge of your life
  • Learn a simple 8 step process to gently guide yourself or others into  a deep and useful state of trance where you can make lasting changes and achieve more personal and professional success.
  • Discover hypnotic techniques for creating more of future that you or your clients want
  • Learn ways to use hypnosis to promote better health and lead to greater success in healing, and how a huge body of research supports this.
  • Be able to use one of Milton Erickson’s favorite techniques for helping to ensure that suggestions in trance take place in real world experience
  • Understand why Milton Erickson was so successful because of his incredible rapport skills – you’ll learn how to employ them yourself, in hypnotic work and in everyday relationships
  • Learn the specific words and phrases that were modeled from the most successful communicators, like Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Dave Elman and others.
  • Discover 7 ways to use your voice for maximum impact, not only for hypnotherapy, but even in everyday communications where you want to be more successful, whether it be in coaching, presenting, sales, management, parenting, or in social contexts.
  • Learn specific words and phrases that are most useful in hypnosis and in influential communications in general
  • Learn how to use embedded commands and analogue marking in your communications– these are some of the subtle “differences that make a difference” in highly influential communications
  • Know the four steps to habit management plus you’ll learn ways drop off limiting habits
  • Learn how to use a process induction to facilitate change by tapping into and trusting the unconscious mind
  • Learn how to utilize hypnosis for motivation and how to actualize personal commitment
  • Use hypnosis to reduce stress
  • Learn the advanced influencing patterns of Milton H. Erickson for use in business communications
  • Master key elements of the language patterns of influence for use in hypnotherapy, and for everyday communication excellence
  • Know how to inspire people to do their best (including yourself)
  • Learn how to present your ideas in ways that promote listening and reduce resistance
  • How to tune in and turn on to your deeper passion
  • Use the language patterns of positive thinking for a happier life
  • Identify why people buy or make yes or no decisions
  • Understand and utilize language patterns that get people to agree
  • Learn the win-win frame and how to use it
  • Gain the advanced influencing patterns of Milton H. Erickson
  • Learn how to respectfully integrate internal conflicts in the trance state
  • Learn how to use specific hypnotic techniques to eliminate fears, lose weight, change
  • unwanted habits, change limiting shadow beliefs that block your progress, and other barriers to your success and happiness
  • Learn how to work easily and effectively with a variety of hypnotic phenomena to make a positive difference
  • Learn how to set predictably achievable outcomes for success in hypnosis.

This is “enough already” to list here, but when you come, undoubtedly you will be surprised by all the additional benefits:

  • A resource rich 75-page manual
    for use in class that you’ll want to use again and again after the program ends.
  • A class schedule designed to facilitate long–term learning. 10 days is a lot of training, but there is a lot of material to master. Our easy schedule allows you to integrate skills into your daily life.
  • Personal attention and support from our hand–selected team of teaching assistants.
  • Methods and skills that you can test in class, and in real life, to ensure they work.
  • Supervised practice sessions. Your participation will help to guarantee that you’ll master your new skills.
  • Competitive pricing so your out–of–pocket investment is affordable. We offer interest-free financing and have lots of ways of working the financing to make the training affordable to you.

Your Trainers:


Your Trainers are Tim Hallbom and Kris Hallbom who have decades of experience with hypnosis and will repeatedly demonstrate what they are teaching so that you will learn it thoroughly. They will teach part of this training together as a team, which will provide you with more perspective, fun, and some great double inductions.

How We Teach:


The program includes brief lecture, demonstrations, and direct experience in a comfortable relaxed setting. You will evolve in a deep and powerful way as you learn the methods for helping others transform and become more successful with hypnosis. You will practice hypnotic techniques with other participants beginning the first day of class.

The supervised practice sessions are as vital to our program as the lectures and demonstrations. We encourage each student to develop his or her own creative styles of induction and therapy and to explore many facets of giving and experiencing hypnotherapy. We will sometimes co-train, so you will get the benefit of more than one experienced perspective at a time. which can deepen the learning experience in an enjoyable way.

You will learn how to induce trance easily and consistently, and by the end of the weekend you will be able to lead almost anyone into a deep and useful trance. You will become familiar with useful language patterns of hypnosis and be able to gently guide another person to a positive change.


This Program Is For You…


This program is for anyone who wishes to harness the powers of their own mind and aspires to help others to do so. This seminar is obviously useful to people in the healing arts such as counselors, psychologists, coaches, dentists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopathic practitioners, massage therapists, doctors, nurses, Reiki masters, anesthesiologists, and midwives. The seminar will also be of benefit to lawyers, salespersons, actors, musicians, athletes, teachers, students, writers, as well as people in many other walks of life because “you can become a much better communicator by learning these skills!”

Note: You do not need NLP as a prerequisite for this training, but if you are NLP trained this program will help you improve your NLP skills greatly.


Specific Topics Include:


Please note: Many of the below terms may sound technical, but the training is fun and easy and is taught in everyday language and in easy to learn bites.

• Utilizing Assumptions • Analogue Marking • Ambiguities • Calibration • Reframing • Dave Elman Inductions • Erickson Script Induction • Pace/Lead Processes • V / K Dissociation • Self–Appreciation Process • Belief Restructuring • Metaphor and Change • Linguistic Presuppositions • Indirect and Direct Suggestions • Health and Wealth Manifesting • Inverse Meta–Model • Leverage Inductions • Pattern Integration • Self–Hypnosis for Personal Success • Stress Reduction Techniques • Binary Calibration • Utilization • Submodality Techniques • Anchors and Trance • Everyday Trances • Timeline Work • Outcome Framing in Hypnosis • Deep Trance Identification • Using Hypnosis with Yourself • Arm Levitation • Internal Conflict Resolution • Hypnotic Scripting • Softening Frames • Quotes • Tag Questions • Inflection Control • Milton Model • Plus Lots More!