Health & Wellness Coach

3-day Advanced Health & Wellness Coach Training

During this 3-day program you will have the opportunity to experience transformative change at multiple levels. You will also learn new processes and techniques that will allow you to successfully coach others towards greater health and wellness throughout every area in their life!

The mission of this coaching program is to inspire and motivate you to create a powerful healing template for yourself, your clients and your loved ones…


Are you or someone you know, dealing with a serious health issue or life challenge that seems completely overwhelming and out of control?


If so, then you won’t want to miss this skill packed coaching program, where you’ll learn 25 different processes and techniques you can do to quickly turn around or improve almost any health problem or life challenging situation…

In June of 2011, Kris Hallbom received some devastating news from her doctor about her health and a condition that could be life threatening. Kris and her husband Tim worked for 16 days straight using a variety of NLP coaching techniques, hypnosis and other processes – with the ongoing goal of reversing her scary diagnosis. Today, Kris is the healthiest she has been in over 20 years.


Join Tim and Kris as they share their amazing health journey, and learn which coaching techniques they used to turn their absolutely worst-case scenario into their best-case scenario.


During this fast-paced training, you will also learn how to build your own “emergency response” coaching template for effectively dealing with any serious health or life challenge in yourself, your clients, and your loved ones. You will also learn a variety of skills, processes and techniques to have more balance and ongoing peace of mind throughout every area of your life.


Program Benefits


– Discover several ways to approach a physical issue using advanced coaching techniques.
– Learn 25 different processes and techniques you can do to help turn around or improve almost any health issue or challenging situation with yourself, your clients and your loved ones.
– Become more consciously aware of the direct connection between your daily thoughts, habits, language patterns and your ongoing health and wellness.
– Learn several new strategies and methods to help yourself and others be more mindful and positive throughout their daily life.

What You Will Learn

– How to use specific coaching tools and processes to help your clients overcome serious health issues and challenges.
– Discover several new breakthrough processes that you can do with yourself and others to help them achieve optimal health and wellness.
– Empower your clients to establish and sustain a higher level of health and wellness through the coaching work you do with them.
– Learn how to build your own “emergency response” – coaching template for effectively dealing with any serious health challenge in yourself and others.
– Identify and understand the communications behind symptoms, both for yourself and your clients.
– Learn how to be more consciously aware of your everyday thoughts, and how to eliminate negative thinking on the spot.
– Learn how to identify and release the unconscious health stories that sabotage your health, and the health of your clients.
– Learn several new powerful new processes to speed up the healing of your body, and the people who you are coaching!
– Discover how to release the pain and discomfort of physical issues such as headaches, colds or chronic injuries, sometimes in a matter of minutes.
– How to shape and refine your NLP skills to help clients achieve their wellness goals and potential


Why Become a Health and Wellness Coach?


Health and wellness coaching requires a unique set of skills that are not taught in traditional coach training programs. A health and wellness coach works with individuals who want to make changes in their lifestyle to optimize their health and wellbeing. They may also work with clients who wish to prevent or decrease their risk of disease. Or their clients may want to make better lifestyle choices in order to help them better manage a health condition they already have.


What Is the Role of a Health and Wellness Coach?


– Focus on your client’s personal health and wellness strengths and needs.
– Brainstorm ideas about wellness goals and strategies that your clients can do to achieve their goals.
– Help your client find solutions for their health-related problems and concerns they may dealing with.
–Assist your client in developing mindfulness strategies that will allow them to be more positive, focused, and resourceful in their daily lives.
– Help your client find the motivation he or she needs to achieve their wellness goals.
– Ask powerful questions that can help your client better understand their personal situation and the direction they are going in their life.
– Assist your client in identifying what steps they need to take to achieve a health and wellness related goal.
– Provide structure and support to your client to promote personal progress and accountability.


Health & Wellness Coach Training Instructional Methods


• Brief Lectures
• Live demonstration
• Discussion
• Small group processes
• Simulations and Role Plays
• Coaching practice with another participant during the program.


Health & Wellness Coach Training Curriculum


1. The Health and Wellness Coaching Paradigm
2. Creating a Powerful Healing Template
3. Strategies and Techniques for Dealing with a Serious Health Issue
4. Presuppositional Language Patterns to Promote Health and Wellness
5. Creating a Powerful “Healing Story”
6. Alternative Coaching Methods & Techniques to Speed Up the Healing Process
7. Lifestyle Changes and Strategies
8. Mindfulness Techniques to Prevent Disease, Stay Health and Heal Quickly
9. Coaching Techniques for Surgical Interventions and Procedures


Prerequisites for the Health & Wellness Coach Certification Training


In order to attend this advanced Health and Wellness Coaching program, you must have successfully completed one of the following programs:


– Certified NLP Practitioner Training
– Certified NLP Coach Training
– Credentialed Health Professional training such as a doctor, nurse, etc.


Who Should Attend?


This program is for anyone who cares about their health and longevity and is concerned about how to take care of themselves and their clients to feel better and optimize the function of their body. It is for coaches, therapists, health care professionals (nurses, dieticians, physical therapists, etc.), and all other who work to improve the health and wellness of others.


The training is also ideal for anyone who wants a fast and transformative way to get better results from life, or who is on a personal development path such as:


• Coaches – As a coach, you will find these processes useful in helping your clients to quickly remove the unconscious barriers that keep them from achieving their health goals and being their best selves. As a result your clients will transform and heal more quickly, and have a higher success rate of achieving ongoing health and wellness.


NLP Practitioners – You will immediately grasp the elegance of these coaching methods and use them to help yourself and others to be healthier and more balanced throughout every area of their life.


• Health Practitioners, Doctors, Nurses, etc. – You will discover useful methods for alleviating pain, reducing symptoms and empowering your clients on their healing journey.


• Therapists and Counselors – As a therapist or counselor, you can enhance virtually any therapeutic session with the coaching tools and understandings that you will gain from this program.


• Parents – You will find these coaching tools helpful in helping your child to be more focused, present and calm. You will also learn some basic coaching skills and techniques that you can use with your children to help them stay healthy– and keep them from getting sick and missing school.


• Hypnotherapists –You will be able to effectively use these processes for your deep change work around stress and other health related issues. This coaching program lends itself to quickly facilitating change and transformation, reducing stress, and eliminating stress responses in your clients.


• Trainers – As a trainer you will find the skills you learn from this program helpful in maintaining your state of mind while you are training, having more energy throughout the day, being healthier, and having more ongoing peace of mind in your daily life.


What People Say About Tim and Kris Hallbom and their Coaching Program


“Tim and Kris Hallbom are fun! They are able to simplify the complex coaching techniques and make them fun and easy to learn. In my program, we were able to experience the techniques, first-hand, which improved my learning and made the training more enjoyable. I was fully engaged the whole time and never bored. I have recommended their classes to my friends and family. As a result, my sister attended one of their more advanced programs and really enjoyed it! I found their coach training to be very helpful in both my personal and professional life, and I’m glad I took it!” – Cesar Viana-Tegue, CEO of Next Level Consulting, San Francisco, CA


“Tim and Kris Hallbom as instructors are sincere, skillful, approachable, and very intelligent! I really appreciated their skill level and the years they have been practicing NLP and Coaching. Everyday with them was a new adventure in learning and self-discovery. I would recommend their coaching course to anyone who has an interest becoming more effective as a coach, or in having greater health throughout their life! – Bonney Meyer, Life Coach, Santa Rosa, California


“Kris and Tim are really special people, and they are wonderful trainers! I think they give everyone a chance to become who they truly are.


They are kind and giving without measure. They allow their students to explore their absolute fullest potential. Also, the way in which they teach their classes is great! The structure of their classes really works me. Tim and Kris set an intention to change people’s lives and it works! I have recommended so many people to them, because they are genuinely good people and do an outstanding job as trainers.” – Taru Fisher, Health and Wellness Coach, Menlo Park, California


“Tim and Kris, I found your Health and Wellness coaching program to be moving and powerful. I am already using some of the processes I learned to help me through a health issue that I have been dealing with for some time. Since your training, I have started reframing what was happening within my body, and I’m noticing that I am feeling more energized than ever! Your training was absolutely brilliant!” – Melody Cheal, NLP Trainer and Coach, London, England


“I have had the wonderful privilege of being trained by Tim and Kris Hallbom, and they are truly gifted as trainers. I have made some profound, positive changes in my life as a result of the training I have done with them. Kris and Tim truly have “heart” and it is evident in their care and passion of teaching people all over the world how to improve the quality of our lives by incorporating NLP and coaching processes. I just wish I had done their training 40 years ago! Anyone who has ever has the opportunity to be trained by Kris and / or Tim will truly have the experience of a lifetime! – Cynthia Smith, Health and Wellness Coach, Modesto, California