2-day DSR Training – Level One

Two-Day Dynamic Spin Release™  Training Program

During this practical skill-based training, you’ll learn how to release negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and physical pain in as little as 10-minutes!


Created by Tim and Kris Hallbom, Dynamic Spin Release™ is a powerful set of processes that allows users to release their negative thoughts and emotions, limiting beliefs, and physical pain, in a matter of minutes.

DSR™ was created using ideas delineated from the world-famous psychiatrists, Carl Jung and Milton Erickson –and draws heavily from the psychology of metaphors, NLP and creative visualization…

Just as the earth rotates around the sun, and the moon circles around the earth, your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have a certain spin quality to them, as well. DSR™ powerfully blends the universal archetype of spin with the psychology of metaphors – and involves several techniques that can be applied to almost any problem state or negative thought pattern.


These intuitive processes are practical, easy to use with yourself and others, and work well with children!


During this exciting program, you will learn how to:


• Easily shift negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, in yourself and others in a matter of minutes.

• Relieve the pain and discomfort of physical ailments such as headaches, colds or chronic injuries.

• Transform the negative self-talk that keeps you from being your best… so you enjoy greater peace of mind.

• Maintain a positive outlook, even when you’re having a bad day.

• Release the unconscious stories and limiting beliefs that keep you from having what you want.

• Understand the role that metaphors, memes and archetypes play in transforming your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


Can Dynamic Spin Release™ be done with children too?


Yes, it is easy to teach them, fun for them to use … and most of all it leverages their natural creativity and imagination. By using DSR™ with the children in your life, you’ll be able teach them a practical tool to control their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – and their results.


Who Should Attend this Amazing Program…


The training program is ideal for anyone who wants a fast and transformative way to get better results from life, such as:


Life Coaches – As a coach, you will find these processes useful in helping your clients to quickly remove the unconscious barriers that keep them from achieving their goals and being their best selves. As a result, your clients will transform and heal more quickly, and have a higher success rate of achieving their goals and dreams.

Business Professionals – If you are a manager, sales-person or engineer, you will find this approach helpful in relieving your daily frustrations, eliminating your inner critics, and staying resilient in tough situations.
Therapists and Counselors – There are a number of effective therapists who are reporting that DSR™ is now their favorite tools for helping their clients overcome limiting beliefs, and unwanted feelings. You can enhance virtually any therapeutic session with these processes and understandings.

Parents – You will find these DSR™ techniques helpful in navigating the trials that come with being a parent. Children as young as four-years old have learned how to successfully use the basic processes from this program, and have tools for success forever instilled in them.

Health Practitioners – You will discover useful methods for alleviating pain, reducing symptoms and empowering your patients on their healing journey.

NLP Practitioners – You will immediately grasp the elegance of these methods and use them to enhance your own and others personal development.

Teachers – If you are a teacher you can assist your students in assimilating information more easily, tackling social challenges and getting through childhood transitions more fluidly and easily.

Hypnotherapists –You will be able to effectively use Dynamic Spin™ processes for your deep change work. This approach lends itself to quickly facilitating change and transformation, reducing stress, and eliminating stress responses in your clients.
Professional Trainers – As a trainer you will find the Dynamic Spin™ skills helpful in maintaining your state, and helping participants release blocks to learning.

What People Say About the Dynamic Spin Release™ Approach…


“This is the simplest, fastest approach for change I have ever experienced! Amazing!” – Carole Rose, Campbell, CA, Professional Speaker and Trainer

“I have successfully used Dynamic Spin™ to change limiting beliefs, negative self talk, headaches, insomnia, and a variety of other issues in a matter of minutes. It is truly remarkable, and in my opinion proves to be one of the greatest discoveries ever made. Thanks Tim and Kris for sharing Dynamic Spin™ with us.” – Bob Weikel, Boise, Idaho, Professional Life Coach and Web Development Specialist


“The Dynamic Spin™ you developed is absolutely fantastic and so much fun. In our private practice, we have used it to fix gambling addictions, sexual addictions, high blood pressure, etc. People in classes have learned it so easily, they actually get giddy!”  – Merville Crate, New Brunswick, Canada, Hypnotherapist


“Hi Kris and Tim, I just read your article on Dynamic Spin Release and my inner gut and brain says that you are on to something big at a much different level! PLEASE pursue it, for the good of the world.” – Don Blackerby, Ph.D., Edmond, Oklahoma, NLP Trainer and Author


“I’ve been doing Dynamic Spin™ with my four-year old son, Corbin and he just loves it.  I think this is such a valuable tool for all parents and kids to have! There should be Dynamic Spin™ classes that are focused on children. From my experience, I think it would be a perfect thing to begin teaching in preschools and in kindergarten. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this process with me! I am so excited and awe with the power of this!”  – Kristen Fuchs, Simi Valley, CA, Wine and Spirits Merchandiser, and mother of two beautiful boys


“Dynamic Spin™ is really simple to do, and yet so powerful.  I’ve used the processes successfully with myself on so many different things. I’ve also been using it with my clients for a couple years now with wonderful success. It’s fun and amazing to watch how simple and powerful this approach is.” – Dawn Lianna, Portland, Oregon, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Trainer


I love the Dynamic Spin™ approach because it works fast and it’s fun to do. It is a great tool to use with first time clients, and children find it delightful. It’s also non-threatening, because the person feels safe when you do it with them. It also gives me information for further sessions, and often solves problems including physical, mental, emotional, and general life issues. ” – Debrah Roundy, Rupert, Idaho, Special Needs Teacher and Professional Life Coach”


“I had a major tooth ache one day and the pain was unbearable. It was so bad I couldn’t concentrate on my work. So I used Dynamic Spin™ on it, and within ten minutes the pain went away and never came back. Wow!  It’s been several weeks since I’ve done the process and I am still pain free.” – Mandisa Fabris, Pacifica, California, Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator and Counselor


What People Say About this Life-Changing 2-day Training Program…


“It was hard for me to accept that making a deep change is so easy and fast. In this Dynamic Spin™ program, I learned that change is easy and could be done faster than drinking a cup of tea!” – Raul Riou, Cupertino, CA, International Manager for Apple Computers


“Your Dynamic Spin™ training program was wonderful, fun, friendly and sincere. I appreciate all your hard work to come up with this new and powerful healing approach.” – Umit Samur, Instabul, Turkey, Professional Life Coach and Trainer


“I highly recommend this training program. You will learn so many techniques that will have a significant, and immediate impact on your life!” – Kristen Fuchs, Simi Valley, CA, Wine and Spirits Merchandiser


“If you want to go to your next level of success, then it’s necessary to take this training because it will really change your life. Dynamic Spin™ is a breakthough process in the field of change, and it is a beautiful gift that everyone deserves to have!!”   – Irma Pomero, Cupertino, CA, housewife and mother of two beautiful daughters


“This training program transformed my life by giving me a new excitement about life. The Dynamic Spin™ processes I learned are fast and elegant, and I’ll be using them all the time in my coaching practice. These processes are a must have for any coach!”  – Bob Weikel, Boise, Idaho, Professional Life Coach and Web Development Specialist


“I’ve been able to silence critical voices from over 20 years ago. I used to have lot of negative self-talk going on in my head, and I was able to change that in just a few minutes at your training program. I love doing Dynamic Spin™ because you can help someone quickly, and you don’t have to ask for their whole story. Thanks for the wonderful training experience.” – Wendy Reed, Visalia, CA, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner


“As an NLP trainer, I have found Tim and Kris to be extremely knowledgeable, warm and inviting. If you like making significant and empowering changes in your life, then you need to attend this course!” – John Santangelo, Los Angeles, CA, NLP trainer


“The Dynamic Spin™ training program provided me with a variety of simple, yet powerful techniques I can put to use immediately at home and at work. Definitely, a high value workshop!” — Janet Ellison, Salt Lake City, Utah, Training Director of Blended Learning Solutions


“Tim & Kris Hallbom make learning fun and easy by breaking the information down into small chunks, so that a person unfamiliar with the concepts can assimilate them into their brains, and make sense of it all as they go along! I fully recommend their trainings to anyone who is ready to learn some awesome tools that will help them move into their next level of success. Anyone that ever has the opportunity to be trained by Kris and Tim will truly have an experience of a lifetime!” – Cindy Smith, Riverbank, CA, Professional Life Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP