WealthyMind Trainer’s Training Program

3-day Wealthymind™ Trainer's Training

Please note: This training is also available in an online learning format.


This is your invitation to become an International WealthyMind™ Trainer!


The Wealthymind program is truly a transformative experience. It is a place where people have the opportunity to shift their limiting beliefs about wealth and success. Many people have experienced instantaneous and powerful results after going through this cutting edge program. 
The WealthyMind program is currently being taught all over the world, and continues to expand. As an international WealthyMind trainer, you would be able to teach the program anywhere you wanted. There are no geographical limitations!

Here is a list of the benefits and program materials you will receive:

    • The Wealthymind™ program, which includes over 260 minutes of video training, and a 44-page workbook and training manual.

    • A detailed Wealthymind™ Trainer’s manual that will give you a step-by-step process on how to teach the Wealthymind™ Program, as well as extensive background information that has been used to create the Wealthymind™ program.

    • An electronic copy of the Wealthymind™ workshop manual that is used by the participants, which you are free to modify or translate as you wish. 

    • Downloadable audio programs from two different Wealthymind programs, one full WealthyMind Trainers’ Training and two brief introductory WealthyMind seminars. You will also receive a complete written transcript of the Wealthymind™ Training.

   • You may attend any future Wealthymind™ programs and Trainer’s Trainings with Tim and Kris Hallbom (in person) for FREE of charge, once you have gone through the online Wealthymind™ Trainer’s Training program.

    • Your picture, contact information and personal biography will be added to the International Wealthymind™ Trainers webpage. The website address is: http://www.thewealthymind.com

• You will be embarking on an amazing journey into a newly expanding field of human potential and development. The WealthyMind™ Program is currently being taught all over the world, and continues to expand.

Recommended qualifications to become a WealthyMind™ Trainer:

• NLP Practitioner Training or some experience as a Coach, manager or mentor ‘

• Experience in training people, or managing groups of people

• Full alignment with the NLP Presuppositions

• Some experience in doing belief change work is preferred, but is not mandatory.

Apply to become a WealthyMind™ Trainer:

You can become an international WealthyMind™ Program Trainer by contacting Kris Hallbom. Explain briefly what experience you have working with or training groups of people, your NLP training experience, doing belief change work and any other experience you feel is relevant. Be sure to include your contact information, phone number and e-mail address. 

What People Say About the WealthyMind Trainer’s Training Program:

“I left the WealthyMind™ Trainer’s Training knowing, as a result of spending time with Tim and Kris, that I had everything it took to be a world class NLP trainer. Tim and Kris connected with my heart and with my ambition in a profound way during the training. I left the program with big new dreams about taking my gifts and dreams, combining them with the WM material, and using the combination to help thousands of people. I came home and began making radical changes to my business as a result of the training. Since that time (2 months) my income has increased significantly, but more to the point I am gearing up to deliver my first public programs. This has been a secret ambition for many years, but it’s not so secret now! I feel inspired, challenged (in a good way), ambitious, stretched, certain, and I’m experiencing the miracles in my everyday life.” – Kate Warren, Trainer and Coach, London, England

“One of my favorite parts about the WealthyMind™ Trainer’s Training was the fantastic chance we got to present like trainers. The presentation aspect really gave me first hand experience into the life of a trainer. I really valued this detail, as it really allowed me to step into a trainer position versus. just being a student. Further, we got specific time and attention from Kris and Tim, which meant a lot to me. Their feedback is important and I felt great knowing that they were available for my growth and learning.” – Evelyn Lin, Real Estate Agent, Coach, Trainer, Lafayette, CA 

“Both the WealthyMind Training and Trainer’s Training are the best, most focused and coherent NLP based trainings I have ever attended. I feel more confident in my ability to go out and teach the WealthyMind™ Program to others. Thank you Tim and Kris for putting on these great trainings.” – Frederick Link, Trainer, Sharpsburg, GA.