How to Consciously Create More of What You Want through the Magic of Autopoiesis and Bringforthism

“Our outer reality is a mirror to our inner reality. We bringforth that which we know and believe.”


The term autopoiesis was introduced by Chilean biologists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela in 1973, and was originally conceived as an attempt to characterize the nature of living systems. The Greek meaning of the word “auto” is self and refers to our individual identity. The Greek “poeire” means to produce or create (such as poetry) and refers to the ongoing creative processes that exist within all living systems. Thus autopoiesis means “Self Creating.”


I remember the first time I came across the word autopoiesis. I was fascinated with the promise that this concept offered for understanding not only the systemic nature of human beings, but also the possibility of becoming autopoietic attractors for what you want in life through the art of “Self Creation.”


Autopoiesis is the patterning that can be found inside of all living systems and has to do with how you create your own reality through your individual life experiences; how you manifest what you want both consciously and unconsciously, and how you bringforth reality as you know it through your acts of cognition, language and perception.


What makes the process of autopoiesis so special, is its ability to perpetually “self create” within all biological living systems. For example, when a cell undergoes mitosis, it is able to replicate itself without any help from the outside world. How is it that a cell can divide and multiply itself without any external aid? It does so because it already has all the internal resources it needs to self-replicate. Cells are autopoietic by nature. Humans are the same way. You have all the resources that you need to make yours come true, and those resources are inside of you in the form of your thoughts, beliefs and our spiritual identity.


Your thoughts, beliefs and higher self work as attractors to bringforth the kind of positive life experiences that you have over and over again. Your beliefs can also bringforth negative experiences. It’s all a matter of making the choice to discover your limiting thoughts and beliefs, and then become free of them. Bringforthism is about making the decision to consciously create what you want in life, and then taking the necessary actions to make that goal or dream come true.


All you have to do is observe nature and you will see autopoiesis (self creation) happening all over the place. You can learn a lot by observing the growth of trees, the waves of the ocean, and other universal patterns of self–creation and replication. Nature is your greatest teacher. Have you ever seen a tree go through an identity crisis, or a star get angry and cry? You don’t see these kinds of things happening, because trees and stars don’t have the same kind of cognitive belief systems that humans have. Therefore, it is easier for a star or a tree to be aligned with its true purpose and calling in life, than a human being who has to deal with limiting beliefs and thoughts. What nature can do for you is to serve as a model in the art of self-creation. There is no reason, why you can’t harness the same kind of creative potential existing within the seed of a plant or a star in our galaxy. You have the skills and knowledge to move through your limited thinking and beliefs, and to align with your greatest good because the potential for change is deeply embedded within the core of who we are.


Autopoiesis also has to do with how you create and generate ongoing love, wealth and prosperity throughout your life. This amazing process influences your every day conscious thoughts, as well as the unconscious parts that make up who you are. It determines how you are creating your internal maps of reality and it effects what you are creating outside of yourself. Your outer reality is a mirror to your inner reality. Life as you know it is truly an internal experience, and you bringforth that which we know and believe.


The structure of your internal experience determines how you create your individual realities. Beyond that, it’s all a perceptual illusion. External occurrences may happen outside of you and may trigger an internal response. But given the unconscious and conscious structure of who you are as a person, the experience will ultimately be determined by your own personal history and how you choose to represent reality through your perceptual filters. You no longer live in a universe. You live in a multiverse of all possibilities.


Autopoiesis offers you the ability to examine how your beliefs and thoughts influence you from a whole new perspective.


You can have anything you desire, as long as your beliefs are aligned with your true calling in life. It’s through the alignment of your beliefs, with your purpose and mission, that sets the stage for making your dreams come true. This is what the magical science of self–creation and bringforthism is all about. You can have whatever we want. You just have to set the intent, clear out your limiting beliefs and thoughts, and then make it happen!


References and Notes

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2. The word bringforthism, coined by Kris Hallbom in 1999, originated from the years of research she had done in the fields of Systemic Thinking, NLP and Autopoiesis. She first came across the idea of bringforthism when reading an essay on Autopoiesis. Thus, Autopoiesis offers us a deeper understanding of the deeper structure of our human experience on this earth, which includes bridging the gap between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. Autopoiesis also explores the internal occurrences that happen within a system and the parts that make up the system; the relationships between those parts; the boundaries that surround and contain the parts; how information emerges from the system via cognition; and how external information triggers the structure of the overall system.


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She is also the co-author of the book, Powerful Questions and Techniques for Coaches and Therapists, and has published numerous articles on wealth consciousness, NLP Coaching and systems thinking for a variety of psychology journals and magazines.


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