How to Effectively Deal with Serious Health and Life Challenges and Create the Best Possible Outcome

Are you or someone you know, dealing with a serious health issue or life challenge that seems completely overwhelming and out of control?


If so, then you won’t want to miss this very practical audio, where you’ll learn many different processes and techniques you can employ to more effectively deal with almost any health problem or life challenging situation. This was recorded as a live keynote address that Kris and Tim delivered at the Institute for the Advanced Studies in Health in 2012.


In June of 2011, Kris Hallbom received some devastating news from her doctor about her health and a condition that could be life threatening. Kris and her husband Tim worked for 16 days straight using a variety of NLP coaching techniques, hypnosis and other processes – with the ongoing goal of reversing her scary diagnosis. Today, Kris is the healthiest she has been in over 20 years.


To download the audio, just click on the below where it reads download:



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