How to Effectively Deal with a Serious Health Challenge and Create the Best Possible Outcome

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I was told that I was in the final stages of cancer on June 4, 2011… It is something that nobody ever wants to hear. My husband Tim and I were sitting in the doctor’s office holding hands when we first received the news.  The doctors had discovered a large abdominal mass after doing an ultra-sound, CAT scan and other extensive testing, which led them to sharing this horrible news with me.


As you can imagine I was scared out of my mind upon hearing this. I wasn’t so much afraid of dying and leaving this earth, I was more afraid of going through the process of dying. I didn’t want to go through chemotherapy, and certainly wasn’t going to do radiation. To make matters worse, my 37-year-old brother Doug had died of a very rare and aggressive cancer, and the doctors were worried that I could have a similar kind of aggressive cancer.  Because of this, they decided that I needed to go in for surgery as soon as possible to remove the large abdominal mass, and to further explore if the cancer had spread – and to remove other organs if needed.


Two days later I met with the oncological surgeon who would remove the mass and do the exploratory surgery at the Monarch Women’s Cancer Center. She did a great job of explaining my situation to me. It is not an easy task to tell someone that you might have to remove various organs, and how you will treat their cancer. The earliest she could get me in for surgery was on June 22, which was 16 days later.


I remember leaving the cancer center and feeling like I was in a dream, or shall I say a nightmare. Worst of all I was going to have to call my parents and tell them that their one and only child left on the earth, was dealing with the same serious diagnosis that my brother had died of several years earlier.


As Tim and I were riding down the elevator after receiving this devastating news, I told him, “We’ve got 16 days to create the best possible outcome, before they operate on me.”


I kept having this fantasy that maybe I could somehow turn around this frightening diagnosis, and make it go away. And not only that, I could do it quickly. I had it seen it happen so many times with people who had been through our NLP Health training. I had also seen it in the clients that Tim and I had worked with through the years.  I thought about one of our clients from Los Angeles who had fourth stage colon cancer that had metastasized to his liver and lungs, and how he was now cancer free after doing a lot of NLP – in addition to making several lifestyle changes.


I remembered the woman from Idaho who healed herself of advanced Multiple Sclerosis after going through our NLP Health training. I thought about my NLP colleague Robert Dilts, whose mother had been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and how he worked with her for four days and nights – and she went on to outlive all the doctors who told her to go home and die.


I thought about all the other NLP people who I had seen heal themselves, and I thought anything is possible. Despite all of this, despite being married to Tim who is a master with NLP and health applications – I was still scared out of my mind. Tim and I worked every day and night for 16 days straight. We were able to use Dynamic Spin Release™ and Eye Movement Integration for the panic attacks I had every night at the same time. We did several advanced NLP Health processes and techniques on a daily basis to get to the underlying cause of how I created this health diagnosis. I also made some significant lifestyle changes that I have written up in our Recipe for a Miracle.


I went in for the surgery 16 days later, and the oncological surgeon could not find any cancer, anywhere in my body! And not only this, but the mass had shrunk in size and was completely benign. Afterwards, one of the operating room nurses came by my hospital room where I was recovering, and told me that she thought it was a miracle.  She said that everyone in the operating room was really worried for me because of what they had seen on the CAT scans and all the other tests – and it was a complete surprise when they couldn’t find any cancer.


Meanwhile, the surgeon who operated on me continued running tests on the samples she had taken from me during the surgery for several weeks. She later called me to tell me that she still couldn’t find any cancer in any of the samples, and she was happy that I was doing so well.


It’s hard to believe that today is the seven-year anniversary of my surgery. After having many years to think about my scary health ordeal, I’ve decided that it maybe it was a misdiagnosis. I mean the whole thing happened so fast. However, there is another part of me that believes Tim and I created the misdiagnosis with all the NLP work that we did…


Plus, I really don’t want to be the poster child for the woman who miraculously healed herself of cancer. I really don’t want to put that meme in people’s head.  I would prefer to think of myself as a person who received some terrible news, and did everything possible to turn her worst-case scenario into her best-case scenario.


The other good thing that came out of this experience and what I consider to be the real miracle – is the major identity level change that I went through as a result of this whole experience. This terrifying health experience fundamentally changed who I am to the core. And I attribute the major identify level change I went through to all the advanced NLP Health work that Tim and I did – coupled with all the lifestyle changes that I made during that challenging time.


There were 26 key actions that Tim and I took to create what the operating room nurse called a miracle, and what I call my major identity level change miracle. We have written them all up into a four-page document and have attached it to this article – and would like to share them with you. We call it our Recipe for a Miracle!


We have shared our Recipe for a Miracle with many people through the years who are dealing with a serious health issue or life challenge – who have found these notes to be incredibly useful and practical. Below are links to our Recipe for a Miracle free written guide and a free audio download.


Kris Hallbom is the co-founder of the NLP Coaching Institute of California and is a principle author and developer of Dynamic Spin Release™ and the WealthyMind™ Program. Recognized for her ability to translate complex ideas into practical skills, and for her warm, approachable style, Kris has trained and coached clients throughout Europe, Australia, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Canada and the USA.


Kris is also the co-author of the book, Powerful Questions and Techniques for Coaches and Therapists, and has published numerous articles on wealth consciousness, NLP Coaching and systems thinking for a variety of psychology journals and magazines.


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